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Best Brand Was Founded By The Besa Family the Nubians from Nubia the lands of Kush, In 1999 We Established Business Here In The Montreal Quebec & Toronto Ontario Regions As An Importer And Manufacturer Of Incense, Cosmetics, And Grocery Products. Best Brand Has A List Of Over 300 Products And With An Experienced And Well-Trained Staff Guarantees Complete Customer Satisfaction As It Handles All Sales And Orders, Shipping And Warehousing. Satisfied Customers Can Be Found All Across The Globe. Our New Facilities In The Caribbean And Africa Has Been Launched To Import New High Quality Goods For The North American Markets To Serve You Better.


So This Is A Little Indepth Look At The Ourstory And Culture Of Our Tribe In Sudan Africa And How The Story And Customs Of Our People And How We Use Frankincense And Myrrh And How It Relates To So Many Cultures Around The World And How Its Still Being Used In Similar Purposes.

In The Bible In (Genesis 10:13) And ( 1 Chronicles 1:11)

Naphtuhim, (Hebrew Strong’s Number 5320) For The Word Naphtuhim Who Is The Fourth Son Out Of Mizraim’s Sons; Genesis 10:13 “ And Mizraim Begat Ludim, And Anamim, And Lehabim And Naphtuhim.”

Na-pht-u-him The Letters Pht Comes From Our Ancient Egiptian Overseer Ptah Under The Hebrew Strongs Number Naphtuhim Listed As An Egiptian Tribe That Means “openings”

Naphtuhim Is Related To Hagar’s  Son Ishmael. When Hagar, Also An Egiptian Was Sent Away In (Genesis 21:14) She Returned To Egipt And Selected An Egiptian Wife For Ishmael (Genesis 21:21) Of Which He Had 12 Sons And 1 Daughter;


Most Don’t Know The Link Between The Ishmaelies, Israelites, As Kedarites And Judahites Side Of The Family And How It Relates To Us Negroid Africans


Ishmael Is The First Arab (Hebrew Strong’s Number 6148) And Means To Mix Born To A Chaldean Man Abraham And Ishmael Mother Being Hagar An Egiptian, Making Ishmael A Mixed Seed The First Arab Who Spoke Arabic

Ishmael Was The First Nubian Because Israelites Are Kin To Ishmaelites Because They Share The Same Father Abraham

Then You Have Isaac, Abraham’s Other Son By Sarah ( Genesis 21:3), The Father Of Jacob (Genesis 25:28) Whose Name Was Later Changed To Israel, Who Spoke Hebrew.

The 2 Dialects Of Chaldean, Akkadian Of Mesopotamia The Language Of The Spell (Genesis 11:9)

So Nimrod, Son Of Ham, Son Of Cush, Who Was In Mesopotamia Left And Returned Home To Africa In Napata And Meroe (egipt) Now Called Sudan And Eritrea And Ethiopia Including Arabia.


(Hebrew Strong’s Number 3568)You Will Find Ethiopia In The Bible In Hebrew Kuwsh “black” .

(Hebrew Strong’s Number 3571) Kuwshiyth “ethiopian” For Cushite Found In  (Numbers 12:1)

(Hebrew Strong’s Number 3572) Cushan “their Blackness” Found In (Habakkuk 3:7) Which Is A Place In Arabia Where The Tribe Of Kedar “ Black Skinned”

Ishmaels Second Son By His Egiptian Wife (Genesis 25:13)

Arabia Was Apart Of Cush Later Was Called Sheba, Saba, Sabaean, Sabaic And Nabataean Or Napataean, B And P Are Interchangeable


Many Sub-dialects Came Out Of Napatan, Such As Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic, Ghe’ezic, Syraic And Amharic All Have There Roots From Ancient Egyptian Languages And Mesopotamian Tongues And Scripts.

Thats Why In (Genesis 15:18)

Napata Comes From Naphtuhim “opening” Found In (Genesis 10:13)

Son Of Mizraim “egipt”  (Hebrew Strong’s Number 4714)


Easton Online Bible Dictionary

Reads: Naphtuhim- A Hamitic Tribe Descended From Mizraim (gen10:13). Other Identify This Word With Napata, The Name Of The City And Territory On The Southern Frontier Of Mizraim, The Modern Meroe, At The Great Bend Of The Nile At Soudan. This City Was The Royal Residence, It Is Said, Of Queen Candaceaxum (acts 8:27). Here There Are Extensive And Splendid Ruins.


Meroitic Or Napatan As A Script Is Said To Have Been In Use From 800 B.c. – 600 A.d. Napata Was The New Capital Of Ethiopia Or Kush And Remained In Use After The Capital Moved To Meroe Until 7th Century A.d. Archaeologists Have Found Numerous Stele, In Addition To Inscriptions On Temple Walls And Statues Which Have The Script, And Few Linguits Have Ever Translated The Text.




But Thats Not Interly True We Know That This Undecifed Test Is Known And Spoken In Many Parts Of Africa With Similarities To Modern Languages Taman Spoken In Chad And Darfur, Niyma North Sudan And Nubian Southern Egypt

Old Ethiopian Which Is Sabaean Was Said To Be Used 700 B.c. To 600 A.d. Sabean Is One Of Our Ancient African Script Similar To Ghe’ez  Coming From The Proto-saharan System, You See Sabean Comes From The Western Name “sheba” A Ghe’ez Word Saba Who Modern Ethiopians Call Maqeda, The Ruler Where The Script Is Attributted



Sabaean Is Found All Over Ethiopia And Yemen, A Former Colony Of Ancient Ethiopia Called The Da’amat(d’mt) Empire Which Was A Kingdom In Eritrea, Northern Ethiopia Before Aksum Empire, And Don’t Mix Up Damat. The Ethiopians Colonized The Arabian Area Peninsula First.

Even At The Temple At Yeha Where The Queen Of Sheba, Saba Ruled She Also Ruled Yemen Where They Also Find Temples That Belonged To Her

The Script Found In The Temple Of Yeha Is Older Than Any Script Ever Found In The Arabian Peninsula.

According To The Fausset’s Bible Dictionary

Napthuhim I A Mizaimite Tribe Gen 10:13, And Chronicles 1:11 Coming In Order After The Lehabim Or Lubyans. Niphaiat Is Coptic For The Country Wast Of The Nile On Egypt’s Northwest Boarders, About The Mareotic Lake. The Na-petu, The People Called “the Nine Bows” Are Mentioned In The Egyptian Monuments (g.rawlinson), Gesenius From Plutarch (de Isaiah 355) Thinks The Naptuhim Were On The West Coast Of The Red Sea, Sacred To The Goddess Nabt Hat, Nepthys Wife Of Sutukh, Typhon. Knobel Derives Napthuhim From The Deity Ptah.